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The Cafe of Unintelligible Desire is now shipping

The Cafe of Unintelligible Desire

The first poetry chapbook by Julia Caroline Knowlton is now shipping. Get it while you can!

Keith Taylor interview with Michigan Today

The Michigan Today website has a nice interview with Keith today. You can listen to him talk about a whole range of topics, not only his latest poetry chapbook, but also the inspiration to compose en plein air and the amazing (and shocking) serendipity of a special book find in Ann Arbor.

Keith Taylor reads Ecstatic Destinations

Keith will be reading from his new poetry chapbook tonight, 7pm, at Literati bookstore in downtown Ann Arbor. Come along and hear the tales behind the poems.

This article in the Ann Arbor Observer gives a nice introduction.

Visiting artist Mary Shea in Seattle, planning for Julia Caroline Knowlton

Last weekend Colin and I were in Seattle, as part of a trip to the Pacific Northwest to visit with friends and family. We were fortunate to be able to visit with Mary Shea who provided paintings for the cover of Keith Taylor’s most recent poetry chapbook, Ecstatic Destinations as well as interior artwork.

Colin photographed her painting, “Bonnard Terrace at Vernon Study,” for the cover of Julia’s new chapbook. Mary’s painting has an intriguing history: not satisfied when she finished it, she tore it into several large pieces. Somehow reassembling the pieces made it work. In the artist’s words: ruining it saved it.

This is the photograph she originally sent us to consider for the cover:Copyright Mary Shea Bonnard Terrace at Vernon Study

Title for new poetry chapbook from Julia Caroline Knowlton

Julia has suggested a title for her poetry chapbook coming in the fall: The Cafe of Unintelligible Desire. It’s perfect for the feeling of unknowing and mystery her poems evoke.

Keith Taylor’s new poetry chapbook Ecstatic Destinations is now shipping

Back cover of Ecstatic Destinations

That’s it. We have it. You can too.

Cover art selected for Ecstatic Destinations

Twilight Garden, copyright Mary Shea

Twilight Garden, copyright Mary Shea

We are very pleased that we will be able to use this oil pastel drawing by Mary Shea as part of the cover for Keith Taylor’s new poetry chapbook. Mary and book artist/designer Jean Buescher Bartlett have been good friends since their days in Cincinnati. Mary has an MFA in drawing and her work seems perfect for Keith’s sensibilities. She’s working with us to find some additional images to use inside the book and on the back cover.

Alice Greene welcomes a new author

We are indeed pleased to announce that a new poet has come to us with her first chapbook. Julia Caroline Knowton is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, with strong family ties to Michigan. While she has taught for many years as Professor of French at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, GA, she is now preparing to receive her MFA in Poetry from Antioch University, Los Angeles, CA. She spends as much time as possible in Paris, as we can expect to see in her poetry. Watch this space for more information!

Keith Taylor UofM exit interview

Keith Taylor is retiring from the University of Michigan where he coordinated their Creative Writing program and mentored many emerging writers and poets.

Last week, Ann Arbor’s Literati Bookstore commemorated the event with Keith reading from his many works and Cody Walker leading an interesting question and answer session starting with an “exit” interview.

Happily, Keith is not retiring from either bird-watching or writing poetry. He might even have more time now to devote to his many interests.

New book from Keith Taylor

We are very pleased to announce that work has begun on a new poetry chapbook from Keith Taylor. The working title is Ecstatic Destinations and Keith has already delivered the manuscript. Watch this space for more information!