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Watch again, Cameron Scott in conversation with Jerry Dennis

It is now possible to watch again the excellent session with Cameron Scott and Jerry Dennis last month at Literati Bookstore over on YouTube

Keith Taylor with Marc Beaudin

Keith Taylor joined Marc Beaudin online for a discussion about his new poetry chapbook Let Them Be Left. You can watch the recording on Facebook (no login required)

In conversation with Cameron Scott

Monday, January 18th (7pm EST), Cameron Scott, author of Watershed, will be participating in an At Home With Literati online event.

We are very pleased and honored that Jerry Dennis, author of A Daybreak Handbook amongst many other books, has agreed to be in conversation with Cameron.

We hope you will be able to join us.
Please note, you do not need to register for the event; simply follow the link just before 7pm and they will instruct you how to join.

Let Them Be Left all together

Let Them Be Left returned from the printers looking fabulous. We have now shipped copies to all the amazing donors whose enthusiasm helped bring this project to fruition. Thank you again.

Stocks are already looking low, so we have ordered a reprint already!

Happy Holidays!!

Let Them Be Left covered

Cover of Let Them Be Left

We are certainly off to a flying start with our gofundme campaign for Keith Taylor’s new poetry chapbook Let Them Be Left and we are very grateful to all the donors. We are also making great progress on finalizing the last details of the book, and I am happy now to be able to share the cover. It is taken from a painting by Kathleen Heideman, from her own time as an artist-in residence on Isle Royale.

gofundme Let Them Be Left

We have started a gofundme campaign to cover the print costs and more for Let Them Be Left, Keith Taylor’s new poetry chapbook from his time as an artist-in-residence on Isle Royale NP last year. Before I could post about it here, we had already met our initial goal! That is just amazing, and our heartfelt thanks to all the donors!!

All Familiars shipped to donors

We’ve been working hard the past week and more since picking the books up from the printers and compiling the last of the shipping addresses for those donors on gofundme that requested a copy of Familiars, and can now confirm that all books have been shipped. Holly will be doing a launch event at Literati and the books will go on general sale after that.

Success & cover for Familiars

Cover of Familiars by Holly Wren Spaulding

We have been stunned, delighted and grateful for the response to the gofundme campaign and that we were able to met our initial goal so promptly. We have been working to get the files ready to go to the printer and are now happy to be able to share the cover for Familiars.

gofundme Familiars

The pandemic this year has changed how poetry books are sold and bought. You can no longer go along to a reading at your local bookstore, chat with the author afterwards, buy a book and get it autographed. This has a knock-on effect on the author, and then the publisher. To address these issues, we have started a gofundme campaign for Holly Wren Spaulding’s new poetry book Familiars. The initial goal is to cover the costs of printing, but if we are fortunate enough to succeed with that, any additional funds will be used to pay the ‘& Co.’, all the collaborators, illustrators, artists, book designers, photographers etc who help to make the books extra special. For you the reader, this is a way to pre-order the book (don’t forget to let us know where you want it mailed) and gofundme copies will be shipped before it goes on sale on Amazon.

Familiars in the Undergrowth

image © Tate

Image © Tate: “Undergrowth,” 1941, Eliot Hodgkin (1905-1987) Presented by the Trustees of the Chantrey Bequest 1943

We are very happy to confirm that the image Holly was hoping to see for the cover of Familiars has now been successfully licensed from the Tate, London. It is “Undergrowth” by the British artist Eliot Hodgkin. It conveys the depth and mystery of the natural world – just perfect for Holly‚Äôs work.