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If August is here

If August is here! We have received the books from the printer and we are so pleased to see our vision realized! We’ll be updating the events page soon with details of when and where Holly Wren Spaulding will be giving readings.

If August off to the printer

Everything is finished and we have sent the files and a cover color reference for If August off to the printer. We’re looking forward to seeing a proof and heading to press.

Putting together the cover for If August

Graphic designer Gail Dennis has been working on ideas using Richard Kooyman’s painting for the cover of If August. She has created a design that echoes the tenor and mystery of the poem, and we are enthusiastic and grateful for her sensitivity and skill with fonts and color.

For the back cover of If August

We are honored that A. Van Jordan has provided a lovely commentary for the back cover. He is the Henry Rutgers Presidential Professor in the
Department of English/MFA Program for Creative Writing at Rutgers University-Newark.

For the front cover of If August

For the cover design, the author suggested the paintings of Richard Kooyman, an artist from Northern Michigan. Richard was interested in our project and permitted us to use his works for the front cover and interior of If August. A small painting, “Fall,” was selected for the front cover, and two other paintings were converted to black and white images for the interior.

Editing If August

The form of this new work from Holly Wren Spaulding, with its sparse stanzas on individual pages and deft narrative, created for me, as a reader, compelling rhythm with ever changing meter. My goal as an editor and designer became trying to capture the pacing of the text with the book’s layout.

A new book from Holly Wren Spaulding

Last month I was visiting friends in the Hudson Valley and took the opportunity to meet with author Holly Wren Spaulding. She surprised me by producing an envelope with a new manuscript and asking if I would read it, which I did later that day. I was immediately drawn to this entrancing and original work and was thrilled when my offer to publish If August was accepted.

After Literati, a Homage to Mike Kelley

Keith Taylor at Literati, May 2015

Keith Taylor gave a wonderful introduction to his new poetry chapbook, Fidelities, a chronology at Literati Bookstore in Ann Arbor last Friday. We were particularly taken with his backgrounder to his poem “John Glenn High School, Westland, Michigan” and so we asked if he could write up a version for us to publish, and here it is …


Homage to Mike Kelley

I came late to the work of Mike Kelley, not getting to know it until after his death. That seems a particular lapse because I’ve chosen to live in south-eastern Michigan for the last 35 years, and I have tried to keep my antennae out there in the artistic world. Even though Mike Kelley and I didn’t quite overlap in Ann Arbor, Read More »

Fidelities, Ann Arbor Observer, Literati

Just in time for the launch of Keith Taylor’s new poetry chapbook, Fidelities, a chronicle at Literati Bookstore this Friday, May 1st 7pm, there is a review in the May issue of the Ann Arbor Observer.

Ready for launch!

Copies of Keith Taylor’s new book Fidelities, a chronology are back from the printer already and look great – and in good time for the launch event at Literati Bookstore here in Ann Arbor on Friday May 1st, 2015.